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Futurefarms - Martin Ltd
St. Hilda’s, Martin, Fordingbridge, SP6 3LG
Registered in England no. 5120703

Other related organisations

Cranborne Chase and West Wiltshire Downs AONB
The parish of Martin lies within this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Wessex Organic Movement
Promoting organic farming in Wessex

Shaftesbury Home Grown
Shaftesbury’s community farm

Ancient Technology Centre, Cranborne
Hands-on education into how our ancestors would have lived

Springhead Trust
Centre for the Arts, Environment, and Personal Development

Soil Association
Community Supported Agriculture

Martin Parish website
News and information about the villages in the parish of Martin

Food, health, and the environment

Friends of the earth “real food” campaign
Including the health issues posed by genetic modification and pesticides

Soil Association
The benefits of organic farming and the dangers to health and to the environment from industrial farming

Local food: benefits and opportunities
Social, environmental, and economic arguments for relocalising our food supply (large file - right click and choose “save target as” if you have a slow link)

Animal welfare

Compassion in World Farming
Animal welfare issues in factory farming

Pig Business
Film documenting Tracey Worcester’s investigation into intensive pig farming and the damaging effect it is having on quality of food, the environment and the health and welfare of agricultural communities 

The Meatrix
Animation about meat farms

Further reading

The Great Food Gamble - John Humphrys; Hodder & Stoughton General;
The effects of factory farming on the nation’s health and environment.

The Worm forgives the Plough - John Stewart Collis; Penguin Books; 1988
An account of the author’s time working on British farms during WW2.

Silent Spring - Rachel Carson; Penguin Books; 2000
The destruction of the countryside through the indiscriminate use of pesticides.

The Killing of the Countryside - Graham Harvey; Vintage; 1998
An attack on modern British agricultural policy and practice

Home Farm - Michael Allaby and Colin Tudge; Macmillan; 1977
Complete food self-sufficiency

Home Farm Handbook - Peter Ford; Harper Collins; 2000
More food self-sufficiency

So Shall We Reap - Colin Tudge; Penguin Books; 2003
An overview of modern farming highlighting the need for change if we are to continue to feed people for the indefinite future.

Food: A History - Felipe Fernandez-Armesto; Macmillan; 2001
A history of food from the start of humanity to the industrialisation of the modern age.

The Living Land - Jules Pretty; Earthscan Publications Ltd; 1999
A presentation of the case for returning life to the countryside, restoring the rural economy and putting agriculture on a sustainable footing.

We Want Real Food - Graham Harvey; Constable and Robinson Ltd; 2006
How modern farming practices are affecting the nutritional value of our food

Not on the label - Felicity Lawrence; Penguin 2004
What really goes into the food on your plate

Eat Your Heart Out - Felicity Lawrence; Penguin 2008
Why the food business is bad for the planet and your health

Let’s Cook it Right - Adelle Davis; Unwin Health 1979

Your Daily Food: Recipe for Survival - Doris Grant; Keats Publishing 1974

Food Politics - Marion Nestle; University of California Press 2002
How the food industry influences nutrition and health

The McDonaldization of Society - George Ritzer
An investigation into the changing character of contemporary social life

English Farming, Past and Present - Lord Ernle; first published 1912

The Disappearance of the Small Landowner - Arthur H Johnson; first published 1909

Hungry City - Carolyn Steel; Chatto & Windus; 2008
How food shapes our lives

The Carbon Fields - Graham Harvey; GrassRoots; 2008
How our countryside can save Britain

The Bad Food Guide - Derek Cooper; Routledge & K. Paul;. 1967

Captive State - George Monbiot; Pan books; 2001
The corporate takeover of Britain

Slow Food - Carlo Petrini; Columbia University Press; 2001
A volume for all those passionate about food and its impact on our culture

Feeding People is Easy - Colin Tudge; Pair Publishing; 2007
How “Enlightened Agriculture” can solve the world’s problems.

21st Century Smallholder - Paul Waddington; Eden Project Books 2006
How to go back to the land without leaving home

The Farming Ladder - George Henderson; Faber and Faber 1978
How to start a small farm from nothing

Bread Matters - Andrew Whitley; Fourth Estate Ltd
The state of modern bread and a definitive guide to baking your own

Waste - Tristram Stuart; Penguin Books 2009
Uncovering the global food scandal

Beyond Beef - Jeremy Rifkin; Dutton Books 1992
The rise and fall of cattle culture

Meat - Simon Fairlie; Permanent Publications 2010
A benign extravagance

One Planet Communities - Pooran Desai; John Wiley & Sons 2009
A real life guide to sustainable living

Real England - Paul Kingsnorth; Portobello books, 2008
The battle against the bland

Beautiful and Abundant - Bryan Welch; 2010
Building the world we want

Good Food for Everyone for Ever - Colin Tudge; 2011
A People’s Takeover of the World’s Food Supply